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The route

Løkken Art Trail is a 6 km long trail that leads you through our seaside town and it’s small secret paths that wind behind the main streets; revealing the history of Løkken along the way. Forty unique artworks have been created especially for this trail in all sorts of styles and sizes. As well as the paintings you’ll find ceramics, works in stone and beautifully painted sign posts as you follow the route.
Please note that there are places along the path which are not suitable for prams, wheelchairs or people with walking difficulties as sections are in the sandy dune landscape. There are also occasional stairs and narrow paths.


Murals by Lise Vestergaard

  1. Verdensmål 1: “Stay rich, give with your heart” 
  2. Verdensmål 2: “Feed one, if possible a hundred” 
  3. Verdensmål 3: ”An apple a day”
  4. Verdensmål 4: ”Let knowledge feed imagination”
  5. Verdensmål 5: ”A glance of equality”
  6. Verdensmål 6: ”No water, no green, no blue”
  7. Verdensmål 7: ”Enlightenment”
  8. Verdensmål 8: “A Childs job is to play and have fun” 
  9. Verdensmål 9: ”Connecting people”
  10. Verdensmål 10: ”Sharing is caring”
  11. Verdensmål 11: ”How much space does a human need”
  12. Verdensmål 12: ”Local crops”
  13. Verdensmål 13: ”Back to nature”
  14. Verdensmål 14: ”Teach a man to fish, you’ll feed him for a lifetime”
  15. Verdensmål 15: “No water, no green, no blue”
  16. Verdensmål 16: ”Calling peace”
  17. Verdensmål 17: ”Peace, love and friendship” 

Other art on the route

  1. Jørgen Ussing: Murværk bag Valentinussens Sti 
  2. John Kristensen: Murværk på Tjek Jernes Sti
  3. John Kristensen: Murværk på Lars Nielsens Sti 
  4. Nina Friis: Keramikfrise på Anders Norres Sti
  5. Storm og Stiksav: Fisker på skorsten ved Strandpavillionen
  6. Jane Mikolajewisc: ”Løkken sommer” murværk på Erik Larsens Sti
  7. Jakob Krogh: Skulptur ”På Vej” ved tunnel ved Jyllandsgade
  8. Bent Nielsen: Havfrue på cykelsti ved hundeskoven
  9. Lone E. Jensen: Maleri på flagstang på Markedspladsen
  10. Diverse kunst ved Vejhuset
  11. Selfie-spot: Hajens gab ved Valentinussens Sti
  12. Løkken børnehus: Et kreativt hvilehus
  13. Britta Kornum: Maleri af slørhaler og svømmepige ved skolen
  14. Britta, Zita, Vibeke, Lone, Julie, Jonna m.fl: Murværk på Erik Larsens Sti
  15. Zita Svendsen/Vibeke Haagensen: Dæksel på Tjærepladsen
  16. Granitskulptur på Sct. Peders Sti
  17. Egetræsfisk med knobleg ved Strandpavillionen
  18. Løkken Kunstpavillion – se udstillingerne 
  19. Diverse kunst ved Signalmasten 
  20. Lise Vestergaard: “Natures way” fra 2020  START HERE!
  21. Lise Vestergaard: “Blown away” fra 2019
  22. Klaus Unger: Fisk i Sct. Peders stræde (Klaus’ fisk findes overalt på ruten)
  23. Storm og Stiksav: “Whale of fame” i vindue på skolen
  24. Merete Thernøe, Jonna og Zita: Knud Holst digtstolpe på Knud Holsts Sti
  25. Tjærepladsen: Hvileplads samt View Point
  26. Jonna og Svend Erik Frøstrup: Murværk ”Ved havet” – Digt af Knud Holst
  27. Aage Sørensen: Skulptur
  28. Kunststiens rutekort og malebog kan hentes på Løkken Turistbureau

Follow the art

As you follow the art you will pass several playgrounds and recreational places, so there are plenty of opportunities for pleasant breaks along the way.

Small ceramic fish, the trail signs and Lise Vestergaard’s 17 World Goal murals form part of the route, as well as other murals and poetries by artists Jørgen Ussing, Jane Mikolajewisc and John Kristensen.

Also remember to look for the countless other small pieces of art dotted along the trail! Every piece is a part of Løkken Art Trail.

Where to start?

The 6 km art trail can be joined wherever you choose, however we recommend you start next to Løkken Museum at Nørregade 10, where the mural “Nature’s way” can be found.

You can download a map of the route by clicking the large map above, or pick up a printed version at either Løkken Tourist Office, or in the shops around Løkken.

The route can easily be divided and there are several recreational rest areas along the way. For the children there’s a selection of playgrounds to choose from or the beach for all the family.

Treasure map and coloring book for the children

Artist Maria Ellermann has created a hand-drawn treasure map of the Løkken Art Trail. With this the children themselves have the opportunity to find the secret paths and 17 World Goals.

The treasure map also forms the cover of our colouring book, containing illustrations especially drawn by the project’s artists.
The colouring book can be picked up at the Løkken Tourist Office, or in the post box by the mural “Natures way” (at the Løkken Museum).

While taking the trail we’d love you to “check in” and share your experiences with photos on our social media pages, at #løkkenkunststi.